Dining Kronenbourg 1664 Special Club Events

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers 1st Anniversarty Party @ Hoofed

[Special Event]

Hoofed generously sponsored MHB the venue, loads of delicious food as well as 4 special cocktails for the night!
We were also very fortunate to have Kronenbourg 1664 as partner for the evetn. What is Kronenbourg you say? Where have you been? Kronenbourg 1664 is a super premium beer that was named after the year Jerome Hatt, the founder of Brasseries Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. In 2008, Brasseries Kronenbourg became 100% part of the Carlsberg Group. Today, Kronenbourg 1664 is the best-selling super premium beer in France and is sold in more than 70 countries. We had 2 versions which was the Kronenbourg 1664 lager (undoubtedly my favourite as it's super smooth yet has a slight bitter after-taste from the hops) and the Kronenbourg Blanc which is a wheat beer and has a slightly fruity taste which appeals to non-beer drinkers. Needless to say most of us guys went for the lager while the girls went for the Blanc.
Hoofed's customers were mesmerized with the sight of 30 hot young female bloggers and our close friends.
Salads are a must have at our events as the girls watch their diet closely
So they can eat the fattening stuff such as the delicious roast pork belly featured here and still maintain their figure.
These beef burgers were juicy and flavourful! Just the way I like it!
Bacon fried rice? So rare in Malaysia. If you want to try it call ahead and be nice and maybe they will cook it for you. The pasta reminded me of the famous 'siew yoke min' in Jalan Sultan but with a twist! Boy do I love my pork and Hoofed certainly knows how to satisfy my pork cravings!
Chocolate Brownies! Now the girls really went ape over this! Then again so did I!


More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page (click here).

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