ABSOLUT Akademi 260511

[Special Event]

26 May 2011 – This was my second time attending the ABSOLUT Akademi so my role this time round was more of a (tipsy) photographer for Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers girls Mei Sze, Claudia, Naomi and Stacey.

I won’t mention the history and info on ABSOLUT Vodka as you can read about my first experience at the first ABSOLUT Akademi I attended last year (click here).

ABSOLUT global brand ambassador Matthew Pomeroy led the tasting session and gave us a history of Sweden and the brand
The fun part - DRINKING!!! The column on the left was glasses filled with flavoured ABSOLUT - Citron, Berry, Mandarin, etc. etc. The glasses on the right were ABSOLUT and some competitor brands (blind tasting).
Your nose plays a very important role in tasting. We conducted a test where our noses were clipped and given a powder to taste. No one could guess it correctly until we took off the clip and discovered that it was cinnamon!
We were then given a chance to taste the world's simplest and fastest bloody mary!
Then we were taught how to make teh tarik. Ok ok it wasn't teh tarik. They were ABSOLUT cocktails.
MHB's Helenness, Claudia, Mei Sze, Stacey and Naomi
Matthew with the girls

More info on the ABSOLUT brand can be found at http://www.absolut.com

More photos on my Facebook page (click here).

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