Pirates of the Carribean – On Stranger Tides

Caught the premier of the fourth installment of the very successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise today after the launch at the Centre Court of Mid Valley Megamall (there’s a big pirate ship in the mall, I kid you not!). Was initially rather disappointed with the exclusion of Kiera Knightly which I so adore but the inclusion of Penelope Cruz and French actress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey definitely made up for it (and more haha!).

POTC 4 opens today!!!
Cruz plays Captain Jack Sparrow's old flame but I think she wore too much clothes throughout the whole movie
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey on the other hand didn't wear anything at all most of the time!

The dialogue is quite witty (especially Jack Sparrow’s bit) so listen carefully.

The inclusion of new characters is definitely a breath of fresh air in this movie while a few returning characters gives it a sense of familiarity. Catch this movie in 3D if you can.

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