Roxy/ Quiksilver Fashion Show 060411

Wednesday, 6 April 2011 – Rozy and Quiksilver kicked off the Mid Valley Fashion Week 2011 with a delicious and tantalizing fashion show!

The stage setup was pretty unique! Quite refreshing for a change!
I was standing quite far back so had to use almost maximum zoom, hold my breath, steady my hands and click!
My G12 is quite a forgiving camera. Good thing too as my hands were shaky from the coffee (and beer) ingested during the day.
Beer for the night was sponsored by Corona! One of my favs! Pity there wasn't a lemon/ lime slice to go with it.
Chic Stephanie from Mid Valley is among the team that organised the Mid Valley Fashion Week 2011. Good job Steph!
Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers babes Mei Sze, Brigette and Claudia were all present but I only managed to get a shot of Claudia with her friend. I don't like standing next to Claudia when she's wearing high heels.


Check out the videos on my Facebook page (click here).

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