Care For Your Glasses


Here are two (2) essential products for your spectacle wearers out there.

I’ve been wearing spectacles (or shall we call them glasses?) to correct my myopia (short-sightedness) since I was seven years old. Some say it is a genetic thing as 80% of my family members and close relatives also wear glasses while others say it’s caused by too much reading and looking at PC screens. Anyway whatever the reason, the bottom line is that I have myopia so I wear glasses.

One of the small hassles of wearing glasses is keeping them clean. It’s just part and parcel of wearing them. Liquid stains, finger smudges, dust, you name it. You must always always remember use a proper micro fibre lens cloth to clean your lenses or you will end up scratching them. However sometimes even that is not enough when you’ve got oil/ liquid on your lenses. Enter the iSPRAY Super Cleaning Formula!

The iSPRAY pack even comes with a screwdriver key chain!


Formulated to clean your lenses without affecting the coatings and make your lenses harder to dirty, this product is super easy to use.

Step 1 – spray both sides of the lenses with the formula

Step 2 – clean the lenses with the provided micro fibre lens cloth

And now you have super clear and clean lenses!


For the first time in years I actually took the LRT to work to see if it was a viable option to get me to work. The nearest station to my house is the Kelana Jaya station while I needed to get off at the KLCC station. So one fine morning I hopped on the coach and everything seemed fine and dandy. I was even quite pleased that the coach had pretty good air-conditioning to keep the passengers cool.

However when I got off the coach at the KLCC station the warm air hit me and my glasses fogged up instantly! Arghhhh! Blind as a bat and I didn’t have any micro fibre lens cloths with me! Only lately I’ve discovered that the situation can easily be avoided simply by using the – FOG Killer AR Cleaning Cloth!

God sent for spectacle wearers like myself, this little product is easy to apply and can be reused up to 60 times!

Step 1 – Clean your glasses (you can use the iSPRAY above)

Step 2 – Rub both side of the lenses with the AR Cleaning Cloth


Your lenses are now fog free for the next three (3) days! Easy pleasy!

iSPRAY and FOG Killer are both available at leading optometrists and optical shops throughout Malaysia.

Contact Trans Art Marketing at 03-77289227 or email transartmarketing@gmail.com for more info or distributor enquiries.

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