KLIMS 2010

KL International Motor Show 2010 – 7 Dec 2010


Went to KLIMS 2010 again this time with FHM GND 2011 Finalist 08 Grace and a new toy muahahaha! Obviously I wasn’t very used to it yet so do forgive the over/ under-exposure, OOF, etc. etc. of the photos.

As it was a public holiday, there were thousands of people visiting the show so do get your tickets online to save you half an hour standing in line at the ticket counter. More info at http://www.klims10.com/

Btw KLIMS 2010 runs to Sunday, 12 December 2010 so if you haven’t gone yet make sure you make a visit soon.

The gorgeous Lotus Esprit
Cute Louise at the Hyundai display
With hot Mitsubishi babes Jenny Foh and Weena Marcus!
The busy Proton/ Lotus display in Hall 1
With MHB blogger Mei Sze and FHM GND 2011 finalist Grace
Toyota display
Sweet Belle at the Toyota display
Hot Cay at the Honda display
Elegant promoter girl at the Lexus display
With TV host/ MC Chermaine Poo at the Toyota display
With FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Yvonne Sim at the Hyundai display


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