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Ecoba’s Grand Launch

When I first heard about Ecoba I was like Eco what? A bar? Do they serve like organic food with beer or something? On my first visit I was pleasantly surprised to find out that two of Ecoba’s owners were my clubbing  kakis who had left their 9 – 5 corporate jobs to run the business.

Well since then Ecoba has been one of my fav joints as it is a great place to hang out and have some drinks and food and eye candy. The location couldn’t be better as there’s ample parking in the basement (yes ALWAYS park in the basement as it’s well lit, guarded and only RM2) and only 10 minutes from my house.

I brought along Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Erica Ting, Sarah Low and our official photographer Andy Kho for the grand launch and while I aimed to head home by 11pm the party was just so fun that we stayed on till past 12 midnight.

Anyway here’s the official press release and some photos from the launch.


ECOBA’s Grand Launch confirms its status as a nightspot heavyweight


Petaling Jaya, 25 October 2010 – Before April 2010, the name ECOBA would have had most people thinking about going green or perhaps recycling. But in just 6 short months, ECOBA has carved a strong following in the greater Kuala Lumpur entertainment and nightlife scenes. ECOBA has been turning on the style with its own brand of unique entertainment, which has earned it the off-the-record accolade of being “The Sexiest Place in PJ”.

“The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for my partners and me. But after all the hard work and dedication, it’s a nice feeling to have made an impact and be recognised by KL’s demanding partygoers” said Kenny Lim, Managing Director of GastroGlobal Sdn. Bhd. The recent Grand Launch celebration was indeed a time for “ECObarians” to let loose a little themselves. In fact, there were two separate celebrations plotted to mark the special occasion with exclusive entertainment, great food and free flow of beers and whisky.

First up was a night to honour all the suppliers, associates and business partners of ECOBA on the 19th of October 2010. “With all the pressure we put on our suppliers and partners, we felt it was only fair to treat them and give them a well-deserved break as well” remembered Kenny with a laugh. Over 300 turned up to be entertained by a special ensemble of performers such as Allan G, Blastique featuring Ushera, Jingles and Kevin. “We partied like there was no tomorrow!” added Kenny. Well, so would anyone with free flow of Carlsberg, Franciskaner, Dewar’s Whisky and Macallan Whisky.

The very next day, brought round two; where the celebration was extended to the customers. With over 500 guests, this was probably one of ECOBA’s most star-studded events with Mix FM’s Serena C hosting. The night started with a bang as fireworks lit up the sky in spectacular fashion. The excitement continued with acoustic performances by Allan G, Russell Curtis and Tim Coates with the special appearance by legendary percussionist Steven Thornton. “We wanted the performances to reflect our taste for a change. But it didn’t take long before the crowd got into the groove of things” said Kenny. There were also exclusive goodie bags for guests and free flow of Carlsberg, Franciskaner, Dewar’s Whisky and Macallan Whisky to keep the party bubbling away.

In the past 6 months, ECOBA has managed to elevate its status from a new kid on the entertainment block to a crowd-pleasing, nightlife heavyweight. A testament to this claim is the recent Beerlympics as part of Oktoberfest, which featured the longest human beer line in a celebration that spanned over 12 hours. Attractions included a mechanical bull, bungee run, dunking machine and the Champion of Champions Centurion Challenge where the winner took home RM2,800 in cash.

And it’s not just the night crawlers who are raving about ECOBA, even businesses are finding that the sultry open concept and interplay of space is to their advantage. Since its opening ECOBA has played host to events of almost every nature, for reputable companies such as Maxis, Digi, 7aste, Air Asia, Golden Screen Cinemas, Citibank, FHM and ESPN among many others.

Business or pleasure, ECOBA truly delivers with its innovative brand of entertainment and quirky ways. And now, if someone says “ECOBA”, the following phrase is usually “What time?”.

For more information on promotions and happenings, please visit www.ecoba.com.my

*the first 5 photos below are courtesy of Ecoba

For more pics, CLICK HERE.

Group pic at the photowall


Yummmmmmmmm seng!
The live entertainment of the night
Aileen and Suzanna
A fireworks show!


Russel Curtis had the crowd singing along to his songs


Two cute girls (I forgot their names)
Erica and Sarah with their lychee martinis


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