Arthur’s Bus

Royal Oak, Solaris Mon't Kiara


Yes, I admit. I have been suffering from Arthur’s Day fever since Monday as I remembered just how much fun I had at the Arthur’s Day 2009 celebration at Sunway Lagoon. I finally managed to catch up with the Arthur’s Bus yesterday at Royal Oak, Solaris Mon’t Kiara for some Guinness draught which was going for RM1.00 per perfect pint from 1759 to 1859.

Well the pics tell the rest of the story…

Arthur's Day merchandise on sale
The interior of the bus
Played with the gir...err I mean the games
Crowd lining up for the RM1.00 Guinness draught
These 2 honeys were the last to buy the RM1 Guinness draught before the clock struck 1900


To Arthur!!!

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