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Samsung Mobile Galaxy S Launch

Samsung Mobile launched it’s new Android powered smartphone at Rootz, Lot 10 aimed at discerning consumers who want a powerful mobile phone and yet want to express their sense of individualism.

According to Samsung Mobile, here are the reasons why the new Galaxy S sets itself apart from the competition:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S will set a new standard for smartphones and deliver a breadth of intelligent, immersive and integrated experiences for users.
  • The Galaxy S is a feature-packed and high-end Android™-powered smartphone for people who want to be more effective, productive and better connected.
  • The Galaxy S features an integrated social networking solution that brings all contacts information, work and personal email or calendar and up to ten social networks together with messaging in real time.
  • With more than 50,000 applications from Android Market™ and Samsung Apps, the Samsung Galaxy S ensures users experience a highly rich smartphone experience. Users will have access to Google™ mobile services, such as Google Search™, Gmail™ and Google Maps™.

Here are some of the the Galaxy S’s more prominent features:

  • Android™-powered Galaxy S features Samsung’s dazzlingly bright 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1 GHz application processor that is designed to provide immersive, intelligent and integrated experiences.
  • Galaxy S comes equipped with Swype, the unique text entry service that currently holds the Guinness World Record in March 2010 as the fastest texting tool available.
  • Galaxy S features Samsung’s super-fast TouchWiz 3.0 user-interface (UI), rich augmented reality browser, Layar, and advanced Location Based Service (LBS) capabilities.
  • The mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image Engine) boosts a sharper and crisper viewing experience for photos, videos, and e-books. It creates a perfect environment to record, edit and play HD video, to browse the Internet, and to read your favorite e-books.

Definitely a viable option for those who would like a smartphone yet doesn’t want to own the fruit phone which every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be using these days.

For more info on the Samsung Galaxy S click HERE.

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