Hennessy VSOP

Hennessy Artistry at Quattro 021009

Kuala Lumpur, 2 October 2009 – The last Hennessy Artistry of 2009 featured Boys Like Girls and Lenka among a few others. Good thing I got there at 8.30pm as Quattro was packed by 10pm.

Press conference on Thurday, 1 October 2009
Amanda , Natalie and Jean managed to get a shot with one of the Boys Like Girls bands members (we noticed that the boys also like Hennessy a lot hahaha!)
Another member of Boys Like Girls (this one likes girls more!)
The day itself at last!
I was lucky enough to be in the VIP section thanks to the nice folks at Hennessy!
Andrea Cheah with FHM 2009 Girl Next Door finalist Kavita
Kellie successfully poured a glass of Hennessy.
Natalie and Evonne were in the VIP section too!
As were Joanne and Elaine.
My FHM 2009 Girl Next Door finalists Kavita and Kellie having fun with the Men’s Uno Models!

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