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Hennessy X.O – Appreciation Grows – ‘Exceptional Glitter, Extraordinary Times’



Attended the first ever event in the Hennessy X.O. – Appreciation Grows series,  ‘Exceptional Glitter, Extraordinary Times’ organised by Riche Monde Malaysia on 8 May 2009 at the JW Marriot in Kuala Lumpur. This event was the first of three (3) premium Hennessy X.O events planned for 2009.


Mr. Frederic Noyere, Managing Director of Riche Monde Malaysia said, “The more you appreciate, the more you know how to appreciate. What it truly means is that with every engagement, your exposure, knowledge and ultimately – appreciation for the finer things in life take shape. We begin to become connoisseurs, picking out subtle nuances and quality cues in the things that we insurmountably enjoy. Appreciation stems from perfect understanding, seamless enjoyment and immaculate experiences. Hennessy prides itself by offering just this.”


We were treated to a Hennessy X.O tasting session with Mr. Arnaud Mirey, Moet Hennessy Regional Brand Ambassador (second from right).




Later Noryn Aziz took the stage, showcasing her vocal prowess and entertaining us guests.


We also got to view some beautiful masterpieces featuring stunning jewels and timepieces by Mondial, and DeWitt, Hennessy X.O’s partners for the evening. Each piece encapsulates true excellence, timeless passion and brilliant craftsmanship, the same values shared by Hennessy X.O.


The sexy Felixia Yeap

The sexy Felixia Yeap


Felixia Yeap

With my two pretty dates

With my two pretty dates

Arnaud Mirey with Felixia Yeap and Franklene

Arnaud Mirey with Felixia Yeap and Franklene


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