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A Plea to Malaysians – Reject Religious Extremism, Racism and Bigotry

[Community Matters]


I’ve kept rather quiet since the change of government on 9 May 2018 which was the culmination of my 10 year crusade against corruption, extremism and abuse of power in Malaysia. This was as I needed a much deserved break from the stress caused by the political situation in my beloved country – Malaysia. However, I cannot in good conscience keep quiet any more in light of the sustained and intense campaign by the cybertroopers and supporters of the corrupt party, as well as the so-called “religious” party which misuses religion for their own political objectives.

As my business for the past seven (7) years involves digital and social media, I do keep a keen eye out on the trends as well as developments on the aforementioned platforms as it is crucial for my business. I’ve noticed that in the past month, the two parties have ratcheted up their statements, posts and comments instigating racial and religious hatred among Malaysians. Of course, this comes at a time when politicians from both parties are being investigated by the MACC and police for various misconducts which includes corruption and abuse of power.

While I strongly believe that the main instigators are the paid cybertroopers employed by both parties, one cannot discount the role of the ignorant supporters who lack critical thinking due to our education system as well as socialization which ensures that they are easily riled up by the mention of race and religion.

This is the result of 10 years of sowing the seeds of racial and religious in an attempt to divide the rakyat so that various unscrupulous persons/ parties may remain in power and continue to reap the benefits of the positions of power.

The incident of blatant harassment of a beer promoter at a Giant hypermarket by a rude Malay bigot (I say bigot as Islam does not advocate such behaviour) was just a small example of how religious extremism and racial intolerance/ understanding has influenced certain individuals to act in a very rude manner. As such, I hereby call upon the Royal Malaysian Police to take swift and stern action against the individual (Edi Rejang) who made the video, as he is deliberately inciting religious and racial hatred, as well as harassing an innocent person simply doing her job.


Malay racist who harassed a beer promoter

A screenshot of the post by a bigot in an attempt to incite racial/ religious hatred in Malaysia!

Malay racist who harassed a beer promoter Giant Malaysia

The ugly face of systemic and institutionalised racism and extremism in Malaysia over the past 10 years


To allow such actions to go unpunished will set our country down the very dangerous path towards religious extremism that might even see the country fall into chaos and civil war like that in Syria.

I urge all rational, progressive, moderate and peace-loving Malaysians to reject the politics of racial/ religious hatred, and instead advocate understanding and harmony among fellow Malaysians.

I also urge the Pakatan Harapan government (ie. the Malaysian government) to take immediate and drastic measures to stem the rising tide of racial/ religious hatred in the country before it becomes an unstoppable tsunami that tears our multi-racial and multi-religious country apart.

Don’t be fooled by “religious” extremists who invoke the name of God for their own political gain. Likewise, don’t be fooled by the lies of corrupt and bigoted individuals and parties who are fearful that their sins will come to light, and thus are trying to use race to cause chaos and instability. Malaysians must grow up and be more mature!


Love and understanding will triumph over hatred and evil.

We just need good people to stand up against the forces of evil, and that will inspire more people to also stand with us!


[Updated 8.47am – 20 November 2018]

Interestingly enough, one of the lawyers who represented the Malay youth who stole a mobile phone from Low Yat Plaza has suggested (what I construe to be in a sarcastic tone, although many Facebook users believe to be literal taking into account his past statements) an interesting reply that Edi Rejang could have given since he was so openly racist. Edi Rejang (which is his Facebook name and not his real name) uploaded to Facebook a video of himself entering the non-halal section of a Giant hypermarket and deliberately provoking and harassing the Carlsberg beer promoter girl there in a blatant attempt to incite trouble and stoke inter-racial/ religious tensions.

Proposed reply:

“Yes I am fucking rasist to accept your fucking grandma as our citizen”


Mr. Lawyer, we need learned people to educate the more narrow minded Malaysians on the importance of harmony, togetherness and understanding.

Come on Malaysians! We’re better than this!



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