It’s Time to Save Malaysia


My fellow Malaysians,
The time to choose between good and evil will be upon us very soon. It will be an epic battle for the very soul of the country. Let us be realistic here – we’re fighting an uphill battle against corruption, lies, deceit, cheating, and abuse of power. They will use every single dirty tactic they can because they know that if they lose – all their misdeeds will be exposed for all to see.
However if enough of the rakyat has the courage, moral fibre, righteous principles and ethics to stand up against this grave threat plaguing our beautiful nation, we can still overcome these tremendous odds, and then work towards rebuilding the nation.
I’m asking you to have HOPE and decide whether you will stay at home on polling day, or vote for more of the same horrible rotten nonsense, or vote for change and a chance to make a better future for yourself and your loved ones.
The future lies in your hands! Think of your parents, your family, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, etc. etc. Would you want them to live in a kleptocracy which encourages racial hatred and extremism? Or in a country which is managed properly, has a flourishing economy, where truth and enlightenment are celebrated and not labelled as “fake news”, where the citizens of all races are united and celebrate their diversity.
Those dirty politicians are NOT entitled to rule the country. They rule because not enough good people stood up against them. It’s time to regain our country’s independence and pride.
Together we can win! We can change Malaysia for the better!

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