Zouk Club KL

Spotted at Zouk Club 160711

My friend Dev from Penang won the ‘My Hennessy Night’ contest on Facebook (the link to the contest is at the bottom of this post) and invited me to join his party at Velvet, Zouk Club KL. Cleo was in Zouk too and was upstairs in Aristo celebrating her birthday so I was running between those two rooms the whole night.

Woo hoo well done Dev!!!
3 litres if I'm not mistaken!
Up to Aristo for Cleo's birthday. Here she is with Rose (R)
Zouk queen Natalie (R) with her friends
Rebecca (R) whom I met at Carlsberg's Where's The Party? with her friend (I forgot her name shhhh!)
Reona (L), Leona (ctr) and Yumi (R)
Kelly (L), San (ctr) and their friend (yes I also forgot her name)

More info on how you can win your own ‘My Hennessy Night’ here – http://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia?sk=app_144829745589080

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