Zouk Club KL

Spotted at Zouk Club KL 040611

Back to Zouk Club after being absent for a month, the longest period I’ve been absent from Zouk in the last 7 years! However it was due to events such as Hennessy Artistry. Deadmau5, company trip to Club Med, and a trip to Penang. Anyway it’s nice to be back and making it even nicer was the fact that Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Stephanie Lim (read her blog here) was celebrating her 21st birthday in Zouk Mainroom.

Headed first to Velvet Underground to finish my bottle of Johnnie Walker
Bumped into model and talent Kym Sit there
Then up to the Zouk Mainroom for Stephanie's birthday party
All still looking pretty sober
Perhaps some Moet Chandon will fix that
Happy Birthday Steph!!!
Then the party got more 'exciting'!
Yeah spread the love!
And still standing at the end of the night after Johnnie Walker, Moet Chandon, long island tea, tequila shots, jaegerbombs and beer! Not bad...

More photos on my Facebook page (click here).

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