Coach Lovers Take Note!

Seems everyone has some form of online business these days. Guess a single income is no longer enough these days where the prices of petrol and groceries increase faster than you can say “Mamak, teh tarik satu”.

Well here’s something that you girls (and guys looking for a nice pressie for your gf/ wife) might find useful. A good friend of mine imports Coach bags, wallets, etc. etc. from the states (the United States that is) and is selling them at prices which are a fair bit less than what you might find at the retail stores. These Coach bags, wallets, etc are 100% authentic just that she can afford to sell them to you for less as she doesn’t need to pay any staff, store rental, utility bill, etc. etc.

Here’s the description from the site (http://www.coach2u.net/):

Do you love Coach stuff? We are Coach fans too! We now have the means to source 100% authentic items from Coach outlets in the US, buying them off-the-shelf just like anyone else would do, select the best bargains from what’s available and pass most of the savings to you in Malaysia.

Most, if not all items are New with Tags (NWT) & come with official Coach Factory outlet gift receipts, meaning that you can verify the authenticity and product SKUs.

We only sell in Malaysia, mostly on a Cash On Delivery (COD) basis in KL/PJ or Penang.

Interesting huh? Hopefully I can convince her to bring in other (hopefully male) brands soon as I could use a new wallet. Check out her site at http://www.coach2u.net/

Oh btw, a little reminder to never ever ever bring expensive bags out with you when clubbing unless of course you don’t want them anymore. Friends of mine have lost their bags at an average rate of one per month to thieves in clubs or mat rempits waiting outside over the last 4 years. I don’t want to add you to that statistic.

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