Beer Lapis!

Beer Lapis!

I’m a big fan of beer, most beers anyway. From local brews like Carlsberg, Guinness (draught), Tiger and Heineken to imports like Hoegaarden, Paulaner, Kilkenny, etc. etc.

Put a beer in front of me and it probably won’t be there after 5 mins.

Anyway I was chilling with a couple of buddies at the newly opened Sid’s Pub in Plaza Damansara last night before a clubbing session at Zouk Club KL and the bartender recommended a new drink to us – ‘something something something velvet’. Well to me it reminded me of ‘kopi lapis’ and I so didn’t catch the something something something so ‘beer lapis’ is what I’m calling it from now on.

Essentially ‘Strongbow’ cider on the bottom half with ‘Guinness Draught’ gently tapped over it (to ensure it doesn’t mix). Drink it as it is WITHOUT shaking or mixing or you’ll mess up the flavour.

The bitter and creamy taste of the ‘Guinness Draught’ combined with the sour, refreshing taste of the ‘Strongbow’ cider resulted in a drink that is remarkably well-balanced in terms of density while refreshing to the palate. This is one addictive drink that would suit even ladies who normally would never dream of drinking Guinness.

Try it out at a Sid’s Pub today. But do ask for the ‘Guinness Draught + Strongbow’ and not ‘beer lapis’ or you might get a blank stare. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result. After that do order a ‘Snakebite’ to wash it down. In the meantime I’m gonna psycho Sid’s owner Geoff to rename it to ‘beer lapis’.


Updated: 13 September 2010

Owner Geoff informs me that the real name for this drink is ‘Poor Man’s Black Velvet’ which is a cheaper version of the original ‘Black Velvet’ which is Guinness + champagne.

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