Launch of the Amber Chia Academy 100810

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The Catwalk Training Space

Learn From The Master

Amber Chia launched the Amber Chia Academy – a 2000 sq ft modeling and makeup academy on 10 August 2010 in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Built at a cost of slightly over half a million ringgit, it is fully equipped with lifestyle consumer products from PHILIPS, office equipment & cameras by CANON and interiors by FIX Interiors. The modeling and makeup academy is primarily led by fashion veterans Amber Chia (Principal), Benjamin Toong (Catwalk Guru) and Desmond Yoi (Makeup Guru).

Amber Chia, an international model & actress, is undoubtedly one of Malaysia’s most recognisable celebrity. This Tawau born lass’s ascend to stardom started with her being selected as one of the faces for Guess Watches in 2004 which was quickly followed by countless appearances on local and international catwalks. Numerous brand endorsements soon followed and she soon found herself as the face from makeup to household appliances.

Benjamin Toong, the “catwalk guru”, quickly risen to prominence since his stint as the head model trainer for Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World Malaysia. His recognition is well-earned as he has produced some of the most exciting fashion shows and fashion models Malaysia has seen. Well-known for his flair of strutting the runway in 7-inch heels, Benjamin no doubt brings a wealth of experience in modeling, styling, fashion and knowledge in various other areas necessary to become a successful model.

Founder and Principal of Amber Chia Academy, Amber Chia said at the Press Conference, “This is truly an important day for Amber Chia Academy as not only are we launching a new academy, we are introducing a new concept to the public. Amber Chia Academy aims to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in an upbeat and creative style that will transform the way models model, and re-invent the way makeup artists makeup.” She added, “There is a fine art in modeling and makeup, it is the ability each of us has within ourselves to express art-form in an individualistic style. Amber Chia Academy strives to enhance this ability into a creative outlet that will bring a wave of new style and beauty creators to the world.”

Toong added, “A successful model is one who has mastered the art or modeling both physically and mentally. Amber Chia Academy will assist you to excel in both the physical and mental elements of a model. Physically, we will train you, groom you and mould you into the most presentable form of YOU. Mentally, we will coach you, exercise you and discipline you into the best you, that you can be.”

With over 16 years of experience in the makeup industry working in all areas of makeup from print, broadcast, stage, celebrities and teaching, Desmond Yoi commented, “Amber Chia Academy interprets makeup as creative art and teaches techniques, knowledge, and artistic sensibility by completely new methods that accommodate to the individual level and background of each student. Our mission is to draw talent and individuality from each student and send out as many beauty creators (makeup artists) as possible to the world.”

Even prior to it’s official opening, the Amber Chia Academy had already garnered over 50 students registrations as news of the academy spread by word-of-mouth and through social media with numbers are expected to increase after the launch. The modeling course fees range from RM1,688 to RM3,888 while the makeup course fee begins at RM699.

The launch of the academy was then followed by a party for celebrities, members of the media and also specially invited guests. Spotted at the party were Dato Jimmy Choo, Dato Anna Lim, Daphne Iking, Levy Li, Belle Theng, Gillian Hung, Ning Baizura, Kelly Jagan and more. The party ended with guests enjoying mouth-watering Japanese food & beverage by Hanazen Japanese Restaurant & Brussels Beer Garden.

The official launch of Amber Chia Academy was supported by Philips, Canon, FIX Interior, Office Cosmetics, Korean Beauty Square, Heavenly Spa, S2 Slimming, Marigold, Hanazen Japanese Restaurant & Brussels Beer Garden.

Check the details below for more information:



TELEPHONE: +60 3 7960 8010

FAX: +60 3 7960 8211



(L-R) Stephanie Chua, Benjamin Toong, Amber, a model babe
The Makeup Space
Dato Jimmy Choo Came To Lend His Support
The beaming founder and soon to be mother
(L - R) Levy Li, Eleen Yong & Belle Theng
Renowned hair stylist Gibson Loong with Amber
The hall of fame

For more photos CLICK HERE.

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